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Inspiring Projects

Contemporary Beach Home on Cape Cod
Posted Jul 31 at 12:51 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Within a seaside enclave lined with hydrangea and traditional beach cottages clad in cedar shingles turned silver-gray by salt air and the passage of time, a contemporary beach house has emerged. The retreat, designed and built by Architectural Design, Inc. (AD), sits atop a coastal dune overlooking the famous Brewster flats, where it has a front-row seat to dramatic shifts in the shoreline of...
Tennis Court by landscape architect Karen Sebastian
Posted Jul 12 at 10:21 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Strawberries and cream? Check. Pimm’s Cup? Check. It’s time for Breakfast at Wimbledon, a beloved summertime ritual where we genteelly nosh while watching the latest tennis phenoms grunt and sweat it out at the storied All England Club in London. In honor of the finals this weekend, BDG has created a bit of a racket of our own. Here follows five smashing tennis court designs by Boston's top...
Backyard for wedding
Posted Jun 14 at 11:18 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
In our eyes, a backyard has reached landscape perfection when it is easy to envision friends and families gathering on its special yet familiar terrain to celebrate a happy couple as they utter their “I dos.” To be worthy of “The Big Day,” and certainly one of a family’s most memorable moments, a landscape should be a union of gardens, design and site, and maybe a little poetry and promise. The...
Cape Cod Cottage-Style Kitchen Makeover
Posted May 28 at 1:07 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Cape Associates, Inc.'s renovation of a 1955 Cape Cod cottage, which hadn’t seen an update since the ’70s, nabbed a Silver 2017 Prism Award, and the kitchen was the heart of the transformation. As the property belongs to innkeepers, the reimagined space has a palpable conviviality that lends itself to entertaining and hospitality. Being on the Cape, it also has a casual, beachy feel. To achieve...
High-end Boston landscape architecture
Posted May 25 at 4:17 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
In this time of hidden garden tours—Beacon Hill’s has come and gone, Newport’s Secret Garden Tours are just a few weeks away and Nantucket’s Garden Festival blooms in July—we, too, are taking a look at inspired urban edens. Choosing the city life doesn’t mean you have to forgo green space, it just means that you have to make much of little and/or use the space you do have—beautifully. Here’s a...
High-end Boston architecture
Posted May 22 at 9:52 AM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
And you thought you had to decide.... A trio of wildly interesting homes combines historical architecture with modern-day add-ons, weaving a tale of two styles. This is virtuosic work by some of Boston’s finest architects and builders, not to mention completely out-of-the-box thinking. Take a look… When Adolfo Perez Architect was commissioned with designing a contemporary, one-story addition to a...
High-end Boston landscape design
Posted May 21 at 6:53 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Thanks to a Blade of Grass, a family in Weston can feel like they’re on vacation on their very own property—they simply have to step outside. The award-winning Boston landscape design, installation and maintenance firm transformed a nondescript backyard into an elevated playground. Instead of a slide, swings or monkey bars, this inspired landscape design features generous bluestone paving, an...
High-end lighting and landscape designs
Posted May 17 at 10:13 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Same garden, two distinct looks. New England landscape professionals create sunny edens by day and spin magic come nightfall, carefully considering how their gardens look hour by hour and in every light. Coastal Retreat Landscape architecture by Sudbury Design Group The difference in this Cape Cod pool terrace conceived by Sudbury Design Group is, well, night and day. This coastal retreat, which...
High-end shutter transformation
Posted May 14 at 1:31 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
We recently asked a group of New England architects and builders what they would suggest for a quick beautification project to their home’s exterior. Their tip? A resounding, “add shutters.” Shutters can animate, polish and maximize a home’s curb appeal, impacting the home in a positive way—in very short time. We looked to New England Shutter Mills to see firsthand the kind of impact shutters...
High-end nursery in Boston
Posted May 10 at 8:57 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Adorable spaces for the baby, tot and tween. Because you’d give them the world (and the sun, moon and stars) if you could…. The North End nursery above, built by S+H Construction, is chock full of spirit and character. Its many architectural merits (bricked walls, oversized windows and casings) are played up by the room’s lively color palette. The homeowner did the interior design (thanks, Mom...