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Inspiring Projects

Great room by the water by Sherman Associates
Posted Aug 30 at 2:34 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Labor Day is upon us, which means that vacation homes will soon be at capacity as owners and their houseguests come by car, plane and ferry to celebrate the best of the extended, if bittersweet, weekend. To honor this more-the-merrier outlook, we showcase eight gorgeous great rooms. The following come-hither open-plan living spaces are where the action is—at least, when revelers aren’t on the...
Posted Aug 27 at 4:55 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Landscape architecture firm The MacDowell Company took a cookie-cutter backyard in Lexington to a higher level, creating an alfresco living room and outdoor kitchen where family and friends can gather to barbecue and watch the game. The spacious grounds provided a ready canvas for a redesign, which began with the removal of the deck and stair off the kitchen for the upgrade to a multi-programmed...
Gloucester home renovation
Posted Aug 20 at 6:16 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Cummings Architects, together with Clarke Associates, LLC, transformed a boxy, lackluster ’80s construction on Gloucester’s coveted Eastern Point into a beautiful vision in blue. Unlike its predecessor, the “new and improved” home is heavy on character, decidedly fresh, and yet very much in keeping with the architectural traditions of this envied North Shore locale. The design team channeled the...
Carefree coastal home
Posted Aug 16 at 2:35 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
“The hardest challenge about creating this waterfront shingle style home was making it appear to be simple,” confesses Arthur Hanlon, AIA principal of Shope Reno Wharton (SRW), and the project architect for a refreshing yet serene summer getaway located on an incredible piece of property. The home, a new construction built by Kenneth Vona Construction, is accessed by a wooded road that meanders...
Indestructible beach home
Posted Aug 2 at 4:29 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
A family had spent just one weekend in their new Falmouth beach home when a microburst from an epic summer storm barreled up Buzzards Bay as they slept, lifting a portion of the roof from their traditional Cape house. While the family was shaken, they were unharmed. Their home, however, was not. Because of the excessive storm and water damage, the only real option for the young family was to...
Upside-down house
Posted Aug 1 at 3:13 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
This modern new construction, propped high on piles, was designed by Gakidis & Stewart Design Group and built by Bannon Builders. With a carport and elevator on the ground level, the beach home’s livable spaces begin on the second floor, making the one-story cottage that sits between the home and the water, a nonissue. Three bedrooms and two baths occupy the second story, while the living...
Contemporary Beach Home on Cape Cod
Posted Jul 31 at 12:51 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Within a seaside enclave lined with hydrangea and traditional beach cottages clad in cedar shingles turned silver-gray by salt air and the passage of time, a contemporary beach house has emerged. The retreat, designed and built by Architectural Design, Inc. (AD), sits atop a coastal dune overlooking the famous Brewster flats, where it has a front-row seat to dramatic shifts in the shoreline of...
Tennis Court by landscape architect Karen Sebastian
Posted Jul 12 at 10:21 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Strawberries and cream? Check. Pimm’s Cup? Check. It’s time for Breakfast at Wimbledon, a beloved summertime ritual where we genteelly nosh while watching the latest tennis phenoms grunt and sweat it out at the storied All England Club in London. In honor of the finals this weekend, BDG has created a bit of a racket of our own. Here follows five smashing tennis court designs by Boston's top...
Backyard for wedding
Posted Jun 14 at 11:18 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
In our eyes, a backyard has reached landscape perfection when it is easy to envision friends and families gathering on its special yet familiar terrain to celebrate a happy couple as they utter their “I dos.” To be worthy of “The Big Day,” and certainly one of a family’s most memorable moments, a landscape should be a union of gardens, design and site, and maybe a little poetry and promise. The...
Cape Cod Cottage-Style Kitchen Makeover
Posted May 28 at 1:07 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Cape Associates, Inc.'s renovation of a 1955 Cape Cod cottage, which hadn’t seen an update since the ’70s, nabbed a Silver 2017 Prism Award, and the kitchen was the heart of the transformation. As the property belongs to innkeepers, the reimagined space has a palpable conviviality that lends itself to entertaining and hospitality. Being on the Cape, it also has a casual, beachy feel. To achieve...