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Inspiring Projects

Nautical blue and white entryway designed by SLC Interiors
Posted Jul 3 at 1:02 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
We pledge allegiance to spaces and styles that celebrate the all-American motifs. The featured designs incorporate stars or stripes or both, giving a nod to Old Glory. Whether subtle, as in the crisp Nantucket entryway (shown above) conceived by SLC Interiors, where a set of constellations suspended from a midnight-blue ceiling softly illuminate a space that points all to the beach, or more overt...
Guest bedroom with rope by Casabella Interiors
Posted Jul 1 at 3:03 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Recently, we’ve noticed that coastal interior designs are including hints of the rustic in their living spaces and using small measures of rope in their one-of-a-kind rooms. The hardy element is a perfect foil to the more polished features of a living space, establishing a sort of design tug-of-war that can be exceptionally enchanting.  Interior design by Martha's Vineyard Interior Design; photo...
An organic, modern oceanfront retreat in New England with a California flair
Posted Jun 24 at 5:40 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
It isn’t every day that a Cape Cod home on the ocean becomes available, says Lindsay Bentis, founder and principal of Thread by Lindsay Bentis. Such homes, with their sandy heirloom settings, remain in families for generations. After looking for such a property for years, and making memories with her family further inland, a longtime client of Bentis (her first, in fact) and Owner/Project ...
Year-round oceanfront home designed by Gakidis + Stewart Design Group
Posted Jun 18 at 11:03 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Falmouth is now a desirable residential alternative to the upscale Boston suburbs,” says George Gakidis of Gakidis + Stewart Design Group, and making Cape Cod one’s primary home is an emerging trend. “Initially a place to vacation, the Cape is now a permanent option for many.” As a Falmouth native himself, Gakidis can see the allure of the ocean, beautiful seasons and resort amenities that prompt...
Custom kitchen with multiple islands and cherry woodwork by Fallon Custom Homes & Renovations
Posted Jun 17 at 11:06 AM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
In this time of COVID-19, when everyone has been holed up at home more often than not, even the most spacious quarters can feel a bit, well, confining.  It’s for this reason that we applaud the design and craftsmanship of two heavily populated living spaces crafted by Fallon Custom Homes & Renovations. The premier custom builder has its very own millwork shop, Fallon Fine Cabinetry, and has...
Screened sitting porch by Elza B Design
Posted Jun 12 at 4:33 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
Screened porches have long been one of the favorite rooms of the home. Now, they are downright indispensable, and not only a breath of fresh air but a balm for the spirit. We celebrate a few of the New England design community’s finest…  Barnstable Barn Home by Yankee Barn Homes, voted Best of BDG by BDG's Instagram audience; general contractor: Steve Toomey; photo by Bob Gothard Designed and...
Coastal multi-programmed landscape by a Blade of Grass
Posted May 29 at 11:01 AM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
From family playgrounds by the sea to courtyard living rooms and convivial poolside terraces, these striking landscapes bring the art of living en plein air to higher ground.... Landscape architecture by Tucker Architecture and Landscape; landscape construction by R.P. Marzilli & Company; photo by Rosemary Fletcher Photography R.P. Marzilli & Company carved this family paradise with a...
Use of exposed beams by Catherine Truman Architects
Posted May 21 at 11:53 AM in Inspiring Projects by Andrea Mingels
Exposed beams are the support system that every house needs: strong and firm, yet warm and inviting. Timber frames can transform the look and feel of any space, as they bring out the character in a home while emphasizing the building’s architecture and warming up the interior space. Whether you are trying to achieve a farmhouse flair look or a cozy cabin feel, Catherine Truman Architects has...
Custom outdoor living space by The MacDowell Company
Posted May 18 at 8:48 AM in Inspiring Projects by Anonymous
Bruce S. MacDowell Jr., principal and owner of The MacDowell Company, believes that a successful landscape architectural design project starts with the development of a trusting relationship with each client. It is essential that the design process be a collaborative effort; one which is highlighted by clear and effective communication. It is crucial that landscape architects and project managers...
Entry hall by high-end builders Concept Building, Inc.
Posted May 14 at 9:03 PM in Inspiring Projects by Sandy Giardi
In a fresh and feel-good new construction by Concept Building and designed by Slocum Hall Design Group, the use of divergent tones makes an impact. “What really separates this house from others,” says Owner Jeff Capello of Concept Building, “is the strong contrast between the dark floors, the bright walls, sharp trim lines and the sleek counters. That combination creates a stunning feel for the...