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Blending In: 4 Brilliant Ways to Hide the TV

SDI Boston, Hidden TV, Art TV

Integrating your television in an aesthetically appealing way is a common challenge. Fortunately with a little creativity, and with help from the pros at SDI Boston, there are ways to achieve a more refined and stylish ambiance, while keeping the TV easy to access.

1. Incorporate custom framing.

Incorporating a custom frame can allow your TV to seamlessly blend in with the aesthetic of your space. With plenty of custom framing options on the market compatible with various TV brands, you can create that perfect look.

SDI Boston, Hidden TV, TV framing, Custom framing

2. Build a sliding mechanism.

Here’s where you can really get creative. Cabinetry with sliding doors is an easy solution, but what about an actual painting that lifts on command?  Based on your space's architectural elements, size, and shape, you can really have fun with this option.

SDI Boston, Hidden TV, Slide Mechanism

SDI Boston, Hidden TV, Slide Mechanism

3. Invest in a TV that doubles as art.

TV’s such as Samsung's The Frame and Sony’s A8H series feature an art-like aesthetic. With a matte display and customizable bezels, these TV’s look like a real piece of art, allowing you to display any images on a digital carousel when the TV is not in use. Some models even feature a no-gap design, which allows the TV to sit just like a real piece of artwork.

SDI Boston, Hidden TV, Art TV

4. Try a TV lift cabinet.

Hidden TV lift cabinets with built-in, motorized lifts can raise and lower a TV on demand. These ingenious furniture pieces come in a variety of styles, from modern to heirloom and traditional styles. This is a sleek solution that also offers storage.

SDI Boston, Hidden TV, TV Lift Cabinet

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