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Boston Pergolas: Unparalleled Comfort in Outdoor Living

Boston Pergolas, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Spaces, Pergolas

Founded in 2020, Boston Pergolas began with a vision to redefine outdoor living through tailored open air experiences in both residential and commercial projects. Owned and operated by Manolis Christo, the specialty vendor and design-build team takes customization to another level by blending elegance and innovation to enhance the comfort and convenience of outdoor living. Boston Pergolas offers high quality, durable custom-designed pergolas and pre-designed pergolas manufactured by StruXure, and engineered to withstand the Northeast elements.    

Boston Pergolas, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Spaces, PergolasOur firm does all the design work in-house, which allows for the high level of attention to detail that we give for custom designs,” says Christo. With this design-build approach, they are able to align with different styles and aesthetics.

“When we work with architects, it's refreshing because oftentimes they'll come up with ideas and concepts that we've never seen before," Christo notes. “We work together to achieve the aesthetic and physical characteristics needed to have a successful installation in the Northeast area.” Each project becomes a unique journey in design, often pushing the boundaries beyond typical square or rectangular pergolas.

Boston Pergolas, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Spaces, PergolasIn addition to the pergola itself, the company offers innovative amenities. From retractable walls, to dynamic lighting provided by Aspect LED and efficient heating from Infratech and Bromic, there are a number of ways to elevate the form and function of the outdoor living space. “Our goal is to achieve an environment that will become the most rewarding, relaxing, and entertaining space possible,” says Christo. By offering their hand in proper installation and placement, homeowners will get the best possible set-up, even into the winter season with the help of state-of-the-art heating. 

Boston Pergolas, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Spaces, PergolasBoston Pergolas goes beyond constructing pergolas; they are educators too. To plant the seed for future collaborations, Manolis instructs a one-hour AIA Accredited Course titled ‘Shade and Shelter’ to architectural firms. By sharing technical knowledge, their expertise paired with the architect and client’s vision form a sublime synergy. “When we work with architects, the architects have their own ideas and approach to the integration and design of the pergola into their project—however, they do rely on us to assist in the design process because of the fact that we have the knowledge base of the product,” Christo notes.

Boston Pergolas, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Spaces, PergolasIn this standout project in Concord, MA the homeowner envisioned a pergola that would capitalize on the unique scenic backdrop of his backyard. With an abundance of surrounding conservation land, the space boasts a ranch-like feel. Boston Pergolas designed a pergola with a tall roof line, heating, and motorized screens, creating a luxurious oasis for the busy homeowner.

Boston Pergolas, Outdoor Living, Outdoor Spaces, PergolasBoston Pergolas takes time to understand its clients, fostering friendly relationships. The meticulous project management and attention to detail create lasting bonds. Manolis emphasizes, "When they see that we pay attention to the details, they know that we want to make sure they're happy."


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