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Wood as a ceiling or feature wall
Posted Oct 24 at 12:22 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Designers these days are shaking things up, and mixing woods and different materials throughout the home. Just ask Mac Davis, owner and CEO of Mac Davis Flooring, whose hardwoods are often found on ceilings and on accent walls for a stunning and gravity-defying effect. “It used to be that if the homeowner picked a solid white oak, it was going to be used everywhere and in the same color,” says...
Busts in interior design
Posted Oct 19 at 10:26 AM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Athena. Poseidon. Aphrodite. We wouldn’t dare say that the antiquities are trending right now, but we can say with certainty that we've seen a reemergence of classical busts in home décor. After all, why should museums have all the fun? Traditional, transitional and eclectic interior designs can all benefit from a little Greco-Roman flair. When done well, busts as home accents are beautiful,...
How to throw a great fall outdoor party
Posted Oct 12 at 11:25 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
It's Friday, and we feel like raising the barn, er, we mean, the roof! In this spirit, we share five easy entertaining tips for hosting a festive fall barn party. #1) Set the Stage Setting is key for a great autumn event, and the more rustic the better. Barns and carriage houses make for warm and wonderful settings and have a cozy, buttoned-down flannel appeal. Use mason jars for centerpieces,...
Luxury high-rise bedroom design
Posted Sep 5 at 1:46 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
How did Merz Construction handle a small-scale bedroom with expansive views of Boston’s skyline at the ultra posh, 60-story high-rise Millennium Tower Boston? They built a wall. Don’t worry; this one is completely innocuous and brilliant, really. It is also a “fake” with a contemporary flair that serves a dual purpose.  For one, this attractive wall has an angled design that allows the bed to be...
The best landscape lighting
Posted Aug 9 at 4:13 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
“Just like the rest of the home’s environment, the smart home has infiltrated the backyard,” shares Elite Media Solutions’ founder Brian Gibson. And, just as it’s commonplace to see outdoor TVs and music, outdoor lighting is now huge for the home integration specialist. “We’re putting it in like crazy,” says Gibson, and that includes the landscape outside their newly-revamped Wellesley Hills...
Professionals' top choices for grills
Posted Jun 15 at 9:11 AM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
In honor of Father’s Day weekend, we’re firing up the barbie and getting ready for tasty outdoor eats. Since grilling officially becomes the cooking method of choice from this point forward, we asked Boston appliance professionals for their greatest grill picks. A side benefit? For any of you who have yet to purchase a gift for dear ol’ Dad, these grills and outdoor kitchen features make the...
Seasonal tips for your yard
Posted Apr 17 at 3:11 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
We won’t sugarcoat it. This winter has left a mark, and sprucing up your yard is going to require some doing. Broken tree limbs are littering landscapes and roads; mailboxes have yelled “timber!” and sad, sagging fences are in dire need of repair. Luckily, BDG has just the professionals to help you tidy up your yard but good. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you beautify your outdoor space....
Homeowner landscape tip: how much mulch
Posted Apr 16 at 10:00 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Though R.P. Marzilli & Company lays down mulch as part of its landscape services, president Robert Marzilli was kind enough to share his tips for Boston homeowners who choose to tackle those piles on their own.    #1) Out with the old… Clean your flower beds to rid them of last season’s bark before laying down new. #2) Don't over-mulch. Only use about two to three inches of mulch, and only...
Garage door makeover
Posted Apr 9 at 7:24 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
As your home’s single largest opening, a renovation to your garage doors gives your entire home an instant facelift and ups the curb appeal significantly. Most people don’t think twice before renovating the kitchen or the bathroom, but some guests to your home never see those areas, explains Eric Euell, business manager of Garage Headquarters. Nearly everyone catches a glimpse of your garage, as...
High-end interior design
Posted Apr 5 at 9:24 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint to reinvigorate a living space. And when that paint is white, the effect can be all the more resplendent. But all shades are not created equal. We asked the pros for their favorite paint brands and colors, or “the perfect white.” It was a tall ask—these are trade secrets, after all—but they were happy to help homeowners get results they’ll love when they tackle...