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modern white kitchen with 2 big stone islands in the center
Posted Jun 18 at 4:06 PM in Tips & Trends by Marykate Forte
Boston Stone Restoration’s process for protection. Boston Stone Restoration offers More AntiEtch sealer for natural soft stones to create a protective barrier against etching and staining without altering the stone’s finish. The durable, micro-thin layer is applied as a liquid and is cured with a UV light before being polished. With a 10-year warranty, this process can be applied on marble,...
Fireplace below a picture of a lady which hides a television
Posted Jun 2 at 8:05 AM in Tips & Trends by Marykate Forte
Some of the latest and greatest products to enhance your environment. From disappearing televisions to musical art sculptures and invisible light controls, co-owner of Systems Design and Integration, Alexa Centeno, whose company integrates smart home system technology into spaces, knows what’s trending. “It’s all about the aesthetics,” says Centeno. “And being able to implement these technologies...
Bedroom with ceiling wallpaper based on a Moroccan tile roof
Posted May 18 at 5:11 PM in Tips & Trends by Marykate Forte
Wallpaper can make a wow-statement when its used on the ceiling.Check out how these wallpapered ceilings add another design dimension to enjoy. Donna Elle This delicate blue and white Schumacher wallpaper features a wavy trellis pattern and botanical motifs adding warmth and light, creating a cohesive space that dazzles when illuminated by the chandelier. Designer: Donna Elle, donnaelle....
Pink L'atelier stove in bright white kitchen
Posted Apr 7 at 4:16 PM in Tips & Trends by Jaci Conry
L’Atelier Paris launches a line of custom ranges in bright new hues, just in time for Spring. L’Atelier Paris Haute Design, the luxury bespoke creator of made-to-measure ranges and kitchens has unveiled its exclusive 2021 Color Collection. The line features 15 colorways inspired by hope and joy. Think of the delight you’d feel with a kitchen highlighted by these pale blues and greens, bold purple...
Entry way of home with smart home system technology
Posted Mar 23 at 1:39 PM in Tips & Trends by Marykate Forte
Say Hello to Boston’s Boutique Private Risk Advisory Firm. Insurance for today’s highly successful families—those with multiple homes, valuable collections, domestic employees, and extravagant hobbies—is very much a unique discipline. But unlike the way in which people shop for financial advice, the vetting of home and auto insurance companies usually amounts to calling the nearest Main Street...
Custom light fixture
Posted Feb 14 at 4:31 PM in Tips & Trends by Kelly McCoy
Fixtures that illuminate and captivate. Lighting is a dynamic design element that can enhance every space in your home. The selection and positioning of lighting can dramatically change the way you, your family, and guests feel in each room. At a time when health and wellness is top of mind, selecting a new lighting fixture has the power to transform a space. While contemporary-industrial...
Indoor pool
Posted Dec 22 at 2:22 PM in Tips & Trends by Marykate Forte
Bonus spaces like these will make you glad to shelter-in-place. Hunkering down at home is the new normal. But it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on authentic experiences. Increasingly, homes are equipped with bonus rooms that make staying in worthwhile. From meditation rooms to sports-themed recreation areas and even glitzy bowling alleys, we’ve rounded up some stellar extra spaces that are so...
Festive holiday cocktails on serving tray
Posted Dec 16 at 11:15 AM in Tips & Trends by Jaci Conry
Weston Table founder & CEO, Dianne O’Connor, who is also an entertainer extraordinaire, wife and mother of five shares her tips for holiday decorating. Use What You HaveEspecially in 2020, when it’s important to stay as close to home as possible, one of O’Connor’s favorite decorating go-to’s is to use what you already have. “Each holiday season, we look at the ornaments that we’ve collected...
Holiday place setting with greenery and roses
Posted Dec 11 at 3:40 PM in Tips & Trends by Jaci Conry
Interior designer and owner of luxury showroom M-Geough, Eric Haydel uses native New England elements to anchor his holiday décor.  There are countless benefits of living in New England during the holiday season. At the top of the list, according to designer Eric Haydel, is the opportunity to incorporate live, locally sourced greenery into festive arrangements. For much of his own seasonal décor...
Luxury Range and Oven by L'Atelier Paris
Posted Nov 20 at 8:29 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Just as all home chefs are not created equal, neither are the ovens we use. And with Thanksgiving upon us, naturally, talk has turned to turkey (and stuffing, and potatoes, cranberries, etc.). To celebrate this cooking-centric holiday, we reached out to three kitchen experts to see what oven is tops in their minds and why. The following luxury-brand ovens are so precise and well designed that...