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Spring colors in interior design
Posted Feb 22 at 12:03 AM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
“People are ready for color,” says interior designer Anthony Catalfano of Anthony Catalfano Interiors, “they’ve been living in a neutral world for so long.” Homeowners are particularly ready for softer hues—happy yet elegant palettes that provide both beauty and comfort.  Left to right: Calvin Klein; Alberta Ferretti, photo by Kim Weston Arnold; Alexander McQueen, photo by Kim Weston Arnold...
Neolith alternative to stone
Posted Feb 20 at 12:27 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Jonathan Verrengia, Sales Manager of Marble and Granite, Inc. first introduced us to Neolith, a sintered stone derived from the ceramics industry, just about two years ago. At the time, the material was an emerging brand with what Verrengia calls “ridiculous physical properties.” So ridiculous that the self-professed “stone guy” used it for the counter and full-height backsplash in his own...
Lucite in the dining room
Posted Feb 8 at 3:29 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Homeowners and interior designers are loving Lucite at the moment and weaving the transparent material into rooms of all types and styles. Lucite's look, according to the interior designers of LDa Architecture & Interiors, “is perfect for the mixing and matching trend we’ve been noticing.” LDa Architecture & Interiors; photo by Sean Litchfield The modern material itself is durable and...
Louver shutters on a farmhouse
Posted Feb 5 at 12:38 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Looking to up your home’s curb appeal? Custom premium shutters can change the look—even the personality—of your home considerably. Take a look at how Timberlane Shutters transformed a rustic stone farmhouse. Initially, the exterior façade of the picturesque home came off as cold and a bit austere. Once the honey-colored stained louver wood shutters were installed, however, the home took on a new...
cutting edge systems
Posted Jan 31 at 2:27 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Are you ready for some football? We’ll help you get there. Those of us who aren’t in Minnesota are gearing up for Super Bowl parties here in Patriot Nation. Here is what you need for game day. A Big-Screen TV When it comes to Super Bowl LII, let’s face it; you’re watching the game at the home of the person with the biggest and best TV. Today’s TVs, like the Sony OLED TV 4K, take picture quality...
How to arrange a bookshelf
Posted Jan 16 at 5:05 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Creating a great-looking bookcase may come naturally to those in the design world, but to most of us it is not an inherited trait. The placement of showcased items should be thoughtful, not arbitrary, and done with an eye for balance and beauty. LDa Architecture & Interiors; photo by Greg Premru BDG connected with two industry insiders—an interior designer and an architect—to learn their...
Restored antique pool table
Posted Jan 8 at 12:19 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Talk about going the extra mile…. When billiards aficionado Paul Lohnes was in the market for Brunswick’s ‘Monarch’ pool table—arguably the most coveted antique pool table created by the leading billiard authority—he brought friend and owner Stephen Kelly of Boston Billiard Emporium with him to California to scope out the find prior to purchase. Monarchs, built back in 1865, are an investment...
Winterizing outdoor plants
Posted Dec 12 at 11:45 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
(Photo via Unless you live by the coast or have plantings atop your city roof deck where there are high winds, you don’t need to wrap your evergreens in burlap, says Vanessa Tropeano, General Manager for Parterre Garden Services. And that’s good news, considering snowflakes have already been flying, coating the ground and the trees. After all, a large reason that homeowners...
high-end home lighting fixtures
Posted Nov 30 at 12:07 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
(Left: Interior Design by Audrey Sterk Design | Middle: Arteriors Lighting available at Lucia Lighting | Right: Interior Design by Manuel de Santaren) When an interior designer first takes on a project, lighting is almost always an issue. It is also an essential, multifaceted design feature that warrants a bigger conversation than it often gets, explains interior design principal John Day of LDa...
barn house christmas tree decorations
Posted Nov 28 at 5:43 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
You should have an artificial tree if… You’re a nonconformist…. Evergreen shmevergreen, you’re thinking you may want a snow-white tree this year strung with candy-colored ornaments or maybe you're in a blue Christmas state of mind. Colors aren’t just for Easter anymore, in this age of Pinterest, we’re seeing white, sapphire and orange trees out there and plenty of merry makers looking to get...