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Hearty hewn custom cabinetry by Crown Point Cabinetry
Posted May 4 at 4:28 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
With the home cooking, prepping and assembling that has been going on of late, we all are spending more time than ever in our kitchens. Storage shortcomings are coming to light, functionality issues are making their presence known (all too frequently!) and many of us are pining for the beautiful new look that custom cabinetry brings. If you’re among those contemplating a kitchen renovation, Crown...
Frank Webb Home Bathroom Lighting Solutions
Posted Apr 29 at 10:10 AM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
While most people choose their lighting fixtures based on how the fixture looks, you should select bathroom lighting for how it makes you look and how well it illuminates this all-important space in your home. “Bathrooms should have a combination of ambient and task lighting,” explains Jim Henderson, Frank Webb Home’s lighting specialist. “Ambient lighting is your main lighting source. It’s...
Inground gunite pool by SSG Pools
Posted Apr 24 at 12:24 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
As New Englanders look ahead to summer, holding out hope that the current health care pandemic loosens its grip, homeowners have a lot of questions. Many are likely wondering how they can make the most of their own backyards, and what they can do to take family fun and recreation into their own hands. We reached out to the experts at SSG Pools, Massachusetts and New Hampshire’s top gunite pool...
Living Room transforms into a Gaming Room by Cutting Edge Systems Corp.
Posted Apr 20 at 12:05 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
These days, home theater systems are not solely about movies, says Evan Struhl, President and CEO of Cutting Edge Systems Corp. “You can watch TV or choose to become captivated by playing video games.” Along with streaming video, gaming has become an obsession among millennials, and, for the young residents of a beautiful new Beacon Hill townhome, it is undoubtedly “their hot spot.” They...
Living room interior design vignette by Interiology Design Co.
Posted Apr 15 at 9:52 AM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Now that we’ve all been sheltering in place for quite some time, what we love most about our living spaces—and what we don’t—has suddenly become crystal clear. We know it from our own experiences, and it’s also what President Mark Haddad of Interiology Design Co. has found in speaking with clients of his Watertown, Mass., interior design studio. “As we're forced to be home for this length of time...
Velux Skylights fill a living room with natural light
Posted Apr 13 at 2:31 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
When people think of skylights, often age-old concerns come to mind, even though skylights today are light years away from those of the past. Nearly ten years ago, VELUX, the ahead-of-its-time market leader in the manufacturing of skylights and roof windows, completely redesigned the skylight, with a mission to bring “confidence back into the category.” The resulting product is glorious, issue-...
Interior Springtime decor from Summerland Homes and Gardens
Posted Apr 9 at 1:35 PM in Tips & Trends by Andrea Mingels
After a long, dreary winter in New England, spring revitalizes us as it reconnects us with nature, boosts our mood, and rewards us with extra sunlight throughout the day. While we all wish every springtime day could be an ideal, warm and sunny 60 degrees with birds chirping and flowers blooming, New England always seems to be iffy about gifting us warm weather on time. Instead of patiently...
A family using electronic devices
Posted Apr 1 at 1:20 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
Larry DiFoggio, President and Electrical Consultant of DiFoggio Electric, the full-service electrical contracting company that, in large part, has kept Boston running for over 40 years, wishes he could do what he and his colleagues usually do right now: fix things. It’s unsettling to be grappling with something that is real but unseen. “That’s my biggest problem,” says DiFoggio. “I can’t fix...
Inventive shiplap applications by Hawthorn Builders
Posted Mar 30 at 5:44 PM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
While shiplap has been around forever, there is no doubt that the clean-lined application is the darling of home design. Homeowners adore the rustic yet refined “modern farmhouse” look, and shiplap is one of the style’s defining features. Yes, Joanna Gaines of Magnolia fame and television’s many home shows deserve some of the credit, admit Design Associate Lauren Passaretti and Jessica Chabot, VP...
No-Knead Bread, recipe by Sullivan Street Bakery
Posted Mar 29 at 10:41 AM in Tips & Trends by Sandy Giardi
BDG Publisher Melanie Perillo has long been singing the praises of Sullivan Street Bakery’s No-Knead Bread, pictured above. It is one of the most popular recipes The Times has published, and with good reason. As it has just a few ingredients, it is easy to prepare; it just requires a bit of time for the dough to rest and rise. Melanie often tosses in cranberries and nuts as well, for another...