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Merz Construction

168 Bingham Road
Carlisle, MA 01741
(978) 371-1828
Company Profile: 

Merz Construction

Merz Construction is an award-winning custom home builder specializing in high-end residential construction. Founded by Jonathan Merz in 1986, the company builds classic and contemporary homes as well as carefully integrated renovations to existing homes. Over the last 30 years, the company has developed a finely tuned process that cultivates open communication amongst all team members and ensures that each project is not only successful, but exceptional.

Merz Construction brings a strong sense of collaboration, a keen ability to listen and a commitment to building excellence to every project. They take pride in leading and managing the team and appreciate the knowledge and perspective great architects bring to the design and construction process.

Merz Construction serves as an advocate for homeowners and establishes a strong partnership with the design team, subcontractors and vendors to make sure every home they build joins the homeowner’s dreams with the architect’s design intent.

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How did Merz Construction handle a small-scale bedroom with expansive views of Boston’s skyline at the ultra posh, 60-story high-rise Millennium Tower Boston? They built a wall. Don’t worry; this one is completely innocuous and brilliant, really. It is also a “fake” with a contemporary flair that serves a dual purpose.  For one, this attractive wall has an angled design that allows the bed to be...


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