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City Space Solution: “Fake” Bedroom Wall

Luxury high-rise bedroom design

How did Merz Construction handle a small-scale bedroom with expansive views of Boston’s skyline at the ultra posh, 60-story high-rise Millennium Tower Boston? They built a wall. Don’t worry; this one is completely innocuous and brilliant, really. It is also a “fake” with a contemporary flair that serves a dual purpose. 

For one, this attractive wall has an angled design that allows the bed to be inset within a slim alcove ensuring a vantage that optimizes incredible city views. Rather than looking forced, this wall is a sleek solution that plays well aesthetically with the lines and faces of floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Additionally, the fabricated construct allowed the high-end builder to create closet space on either side of the bed, since storage is so prized with city living. And, because they didn’t want to take a hard line, the headboard was padded to soften the look and add to its air of luxury. 

Construction by Merz Construction; Architecture by Act Two Architects; photography by Richard Mandelkorn

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