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LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects

535 Albany Street No 5A
Boston, MA 02118-2500
Company Profile: 

At LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects, we find connections to the landscape that hold meaning for our clients and express them through design. Guided by the principle that all parts of a design must support a unifying idea, we collaborate closely with the homeowners, architects, contractors, and other consultants to create stunning outdoor living space that reflects the homeowners' values and passions.

Since our firm was founded in Boston in 1997, this process has consistently produced distinctive work that has garnered more than twenty awards in residential landscape architecture. More than a dozen national and regional home design magazines—from Architectural Digest and Garden Design to Design New England and Boston Home—have showcased residential landscapes we designed. We are also honored that Richard Hartlage and Sandy Fischer included one of our designs in their new book, The Authentic Garden: Naturalistic and Contemporary Landscape Design.

The photographs show that LeBlanc Jones landscapes are distinguished by elegant materials, spatial clarity, and strong conceptual order.

As Featured In...

Backyard for wedding
In our eyes, a backyard has reached landscape perfection when it is easy to envision friends and families gathering on its special yet familiar terrain to celebrate a happy couple as they utter their “I dos.” To be worthy of “The Big Day,” and certainly one of a family’s most memorable moments, a landscape should be a union of gardens, design and site, and maybe a little poetry and promise. The...
High-end pool designs
It’s Memorial Day weekend, which, to us, means two things. A) Summer has (unofficially) begun! and B) the pool is open! Plus, with temps hitting upwards of 80 degrees this weekend, there’s all the more reason to head poolside. We showcase 10 pool designs that make quite a splash! Come on in, the water’s nice! Architecture: Patrick Ahearn Architect; construction by Colonial Reproductions, Inc....
High-end Equestrian Estates and Stables
Country grandeur. Rolling, grassy paddocks. Raw power and beauty. Utility and grace. A beautiful farm property can move you with its natural majesty, transporting you to another time and place. Here follows a gallery of equine-minded homes and stables that are, in our minds, thoroughbreds.  Forest Edge Architecture: Shope Reno Wharton; landscape architecture: LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects;...


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