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Wedding Worthy Backyards

Backyard for wedding

In our eyes, a backyard has reached landscape perfection when it is easy to envision friends and families gathering on its special yet familiar terrain to celebrate a happy couple as they utter their “I dos.” To be worthy of “The Big Day,” and certainly one of a family’s most memorable moments, a landscape should be a union of gardens, design and site, and maybe a little poetry and promise. The setting needs to have the air and grace of a natural cathedral for the ceremony, as well as a celebratory, party-to-end-all-parties feel for the reception. In this month of weddings, we take a look at backyards that leave us humming “Here Comes the Bride.”

LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects


Backyard Garden

photo by Jane Messinger


Dan Gordon Landscape Architects


Cape Cod backyard


a Blade of Grass


Backyard worthy of a wedding


Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design


New England backyard worthy of a wedding


Pellettieri Associates


Backyard that would suit a wedding


Top image: Schumacher Companies

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