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Brian Frazier Design

279 King Street
Cohasset, MA 02025
(508) 280-3206
Company Profile: 

Brian Frazier Design provides comprehensive landscape architecture services by working in collaboration with architects, designers, builders, and engineers to create meaningful outdoor spaces within the context of the surrounding architecture and natural environment. Each space and element within the design is carefully developed to reflect thoughtful seamless design throughout the project.

Brian Frazier Design writes:

"We listen to our clients to learn specific needs and desires.

"We draw on over ten years of experience in the field of landscape architecture, where we have successfully designed creative, cohesive and usable outdoor spaces.

"We design by working in harmony with the architecture to create meaningful outdoor spaces that blend within the natural environment.

"We create simple design solutions for complex design issues.

"We transform outdoor environments into elegant, contemporary living spaces."
Design excellence is achieved through the unification of form, flow and function.

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