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Landscape Creations

Boston, Cape & Islands
Rhode Island & Connecticut
Company Profile: 

Focused on constructing projects designed by the region’s premiere Landscape Architecture firms, Landscape Creations is a landscape construction company with twenty years of experience.  With a keen understanding of how to work with professional teams of designers, architects, general contractors, and specialty contractors, Landscape Creations understands the importance of timely communication and coordination. 

Anchored by a team of experienced and dedicated craftsmen in the field, Landscape Creations has enjoyed years of committed service from our project managers and crew leaders.  While the construction industry struggles to “find good people,” we enjoy low employee turnover, and unsurpassed work ethic, reflecting a culture of mutual respect and genuine concern for the each other’s well-being.  The result is a reliable team that shows up every day and persists with diligence and professionalism until the job is completed.  Working with the most demanding clients and construction partners, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and no detail goes unnoticed.  Not just the finish details, but the details found in preparation that ensure our client’s landscapes will endure for years.

Our management team is comprised of veterans in business, project management, landscape architecture, masonry, and horticulture.  A privately held company with a long view of our goals and mission, we do not sacrifice long term integrity and reputation for short term gains.  You’ll be well served working with our team.  


Landscape Creations

Case Study Single Stacked For Miles


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