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A Luxurious Wellesley Property Redefines Outdoor Living

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Sport Court

(Photography: Neil Landino)

In recent years, a remarkable trend has taken root, capturing the imagination of homeowners, architects, and designers alike: the rise of all-encompassing outdoor living spaces. This phenomenon has evolved the traditional backyard into a multifunctional haven, where relaxation, entertainment, and nature converge. As new technology and materials surface, the sky's the limit when it comes to outdoor possibilities, as exemplified by this luxuriously livable Wellesley property.

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Fire Feature(Photography: Neil Landino)

At the helm of this large-scale project stands landscape architect Troy Sober of Gregory Lombardi Design, who was tasked with harmonizing the client’s new residence with its natural surroundings during the project's initial phase. Under the skillful execution of Landscape Creations, the design team’s vision came to life, resulting in an expansive masterpiece of outdoor entertainment zones, such as a swimming pool with an elegant cascading spa, a stone terrace adorned with a fire feature, an outdoor kitchen and dining space, a serene retractable screened-in porch, and a designated play lawn. Fast forward approximately five years, and the story continues to unfold as the same teams were summoned once more. This time, the mission was to bridge the original property with an adjacent lot, ushering in a plethora of new amenities for the ultimate family playground.

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Pool, Spa(Photography: Neil Landino)

“We worked to create a private oasis for the family that is largely centered around experiencing the outdoors,” explains Sober. This outdoor utopia includes a sports court and spectator area, a sledding hill, a vegetable garden, an apple orchard, and a nature trail adorned with edible flora. With Wi-Fi integrated throughout the property, extensive smart sound, lighting, and irrigation systems ensure ease of use of all amenities for the client. Connected by an array of thoughtfully constructed custom benches, terraces, pathways, and ramps, the serene retreat caters to family and friends of all ages. “The court itself is a central hub, but the path to it passes through diverse plant communities that creates fun exploration for children,” says Sober. “Surrounding the open play lawn, seasonal color attracts pollinators and bird life, and balances the vegetable gardens.” 

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Landscape(Photography: Neil Landino)

The tranquil oasis transports visitors to a realm of natural wonder, with a melding of hardscape and plantings that harmonizes with the architectural materials of the residence, carrying forward the work initiated during the project's initial phase. “We pay close attention to the aesthetic and construction of existing elements when we are implementing new designs. Ideally, the finished product is knit into the landscape to look as if it has always been there,” says Jon Zeyl, CEO of Landscape Creations.

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Hardscape(Photography: Neil Landino)

The landscape was also meticulously designed to mitigate noise and foster privacy, with abundant evergreen trees that complement existing mature trees, and conceal the view of the street. The site’s topographic change was used to the design’s advantage in creating informal overlooks artfully tucked into the hillside, such as a sport court spectator area flanked by retaining walls that foster seclusion near the property’s edge. “The transition between the upper and lower property allowed for the use of vegetation to soften surfaces and reinforce each space uniquely,” explains Sober. 

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Sport Court Overlook(Photography: Landino Photo)

Projects of this scale and complexity require a select breed of landscape contractors equipped to execute them skillfully. Landscape Creations distinguishes themselves by pairing the industry’s finest craftsmen with expert project managers and administrators to guarantee the best results. Set within the bustling Wellesley neighborhood, creating a rural oasis for family leisure was no small feat. “Negotiating the intricacies of a significant drainage easement in the property's deed, insufficient water supply, accommodating difficult terrain, and adhering to the town's strict tree removal and replacement ordinances were among the obstacles we faced,” adds Peter Hunt, Project Development Manager at Landscape Creations. While the challenges were considerable, the project's fruition speaks to the dedication and expertise of both teams. 

Landscape Creations, Gregory Lombardi Design, Wellesley, Sport Court(Photography: Neil Landino)

The growing trend of all-encompassing outdoor living spaces finds its full expression in this property. It stands as a testament to the marriage of innovation, design prowess, and meticulous execution, reshaping our perception of outdoor living.



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