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MGa | Marcus Gleysteen Architects

129 Kingston Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
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We believe that every space deserves beauty and purpose. For over twenty years, our tight-knit practice has sought to enrich the evolving conditions of daily life through design. 


Our firm is run as a studio, with a strong culture of shared knowledge and open discussion. We have assembled an inspired and capable team who bring an abundance of creative drive and expertise. We know that every project requires a fresh and critical perspective and encourage new lines of inquiry and insight to meet the specific objectives and desires of our clients.


In addition to experience and ingenuity, we believe that strong communication is what ultimately distills the complex needs of every venture. Each of our clients has a unique and personal approach to the process of building, and this discourse results in architecture that is both essential and transformative. Over time, we have built an array of spaces that continue to delight.


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front view of modern house
Marcus Gleysteen designs a Maine residence that’s fine-tuned for its empty-nester inhabitants. Architect Marcus Gleysteen is most interested in designing floorplans based on the real needs of the people who will live in the home. For a couple in their 50s with grown children, he recently implemented a prototype concept he devised for empty-nesters in which all the primary living spaces are on one...
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