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Marble and Granite, Inc.

270 University Avenue
Westwood, MA 02090
Company Profile: 

Marble & Granite, Inc.

Marble and Granite Inc. is the largest natural stone wholesaler in New England.  They offer the highest quality of granite, marble, limestone, onyx, slate, travertine and soapstone. They are also the exclusive distributors of ColorQuartz, Neolith and Crystaline Stone.

Since 1990, they have been importing first-class material from around the world. They are always on the forefront of design in order to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. Marble and Granite, Inc. utilizes their team members in South America, Europe, and their owners who travel directly to quarries around the globe in order to hand select material. They are dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge, and service, to designers, architects, fabricators and discerning homeowners while using the latest technologies.

Their objective is to offer quality stone products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you at their 70,000 square foot Headquarters in Westwood, MA or their 30,000 square foot Milford, CT location. Both facilities are indoor, well lit, and safe warehouses.

Marble and Granite prides itself on their superior inventory, service, dedication and professionalism acquired from years of experience, enabling them to meet and exceed the industry standards.

Welcome to the world of fine stone and enjoy your experience!

Samples and literature are available through the Marble and Granite customer service team.

Visit Marble and Granite, Inc. to learn more.


Marble and Granite, INC at Danby Quarry

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