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Artefact Home

1000 Pleasant Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Company Profile: 

located in a 1930’s dodge dealership showroom, ARTEFACT Home|Garden is a light + airy retail shop – similar to a place you would find in san francisco, new york, amsterdam or perhaps paris (at least that’s what our customers say)…we offer a thoughtful collection of furniture, lighting, tabletop + decorative accessories, garden containers + ornamentation and a boutique garden service.

lines include Verellen (the ultimate in upholstered furniture – once you go Verellen, you never go back), Pennoyer Newman, Campo de Fiori, Joe Cariati, Alison Evans, Caskata, Montes Doggett + airedelsur.  we work with a large group of artisans to provide special + unique pieces for our clients.  we personally select every piece that comes into our shop – we only pick what we love – we hope you love it too!

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