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Laplante construction, Inc.

East Longmeadow & Orleans, MA
Company Profile: 

Laplante Construction is a leading luxury home builder based in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, now serving the Cape with a new office in Orleans. Family owned and operated for two generations, we have earned the trust of over 700 clients with exceptional project management, planning, communication, and service. We pride ourselves on creating successful partnerships with our clients throughout the construction process, blending our expertise with their imagination to achieve stunning resultsWhether a budget of $50,000 or $5 million, we use our clients’ resources wisely and guarantee a superior outcome. And as Certified Green Professionals, we offer design and construction methods that support the health and sustainability of our planet. Laplante Construction offers Building Design and Drafting, Energy-Efficient Homes, Historic Building Conservation, Home Remodeling, and Custom Built Homes.



Monticello replica in Somers, Connecticut, by Laplante Construction

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