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Cummings Architects

57 South Main Street
Ipswich, MA 01938
Company Profile: 

Cummings Architects delivers a complete experience that guides clients from idea to reality. Offering both Architecture and Interior Design, Cummings Architects has designed homes in many styles throughout New England.


A self-proclaimed architecture fanatic, Mathew Cummings’ genuine love for the art and craft of his profession is infectious. His passion draws out the best in his team and makes his clients feel comfortable immersing themselves in the process.


Over his twenty-year career, Mat has worked on many historic and notable houses for which he has won numerous awards. However, his passion remains rooted in the happiness of his clients and the designs he creates for them, not the accolades. Mat is still as approachable, enthusiastic, and openly collaborative as he was the day he graduated from the prestigious Boston Architectural College.


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