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Thoughtforms Corporation

543 Massachusetts Avenue
West Acton, MA 01720
(978) 263-6019
Company Profile: 

Thoughtforms builds new houses, renovations, additions, and institutional projects, where the client is looking for a craft-oriented builder. 

For 40-years they have worked at becoming one of the best custom builders in the area. It is their intention to keep improving.

It is this care and service that enabled Thoughtforms to be selected the national 2003 Custom Builder of the Year by Custom Home Magazine. They are one of only two Massachusetts builders to ever receive this award. It is their philosophy of crafting a great house and providing a transparent and efficient process for accounting and management that has earned the trust of business-savvy clients. Whether working on a low budget or high budget project, Thoughtforms provides the same rigorous attention to the basics: time, money, quality, and service.

Thoughtforms also has a Green Building Division for clients who are looking to build a house using sustainable materials and building techniques. Clients that elect to use some or all of the green building services will receive the same level of care and commitment to craft and service regardless of the size or budget of their project.

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