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Elements Concrete Co.

15 Chicks Way
South Chatham, MA 02659
Company Profile: 

Elements Concrete Co.

Elements Concrete Co Inc. is a locally owned and operated artisan concrete company based in South Chatham, MA Specializing in pre-cast, designer sink, counters, cladding and furniture elements for residential and commercial projects.   

Concrete artist, founder and president Joren Smith and his team create bespoke concrete pieces in an extensive array of finishes, shapes, and functions for interior and exterior environments.  Working in collaboration with architects, designers, and clients, every project is completely custom to the client’s specifications, bringing unique and creative visions to life. 

“I love working with materials that are tactile and creative," explains Smith. "Concrete is just that. It is a responsive and flexible medium that endless options and unlimited expression of style in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, concrete sinks, showers, fireplaces, tables, desks, chairs and more. It is the ultimate choice for countertops and other concrete form making.” 


Concrete coffee table

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Joren Smith sitting at one of his custom made concrete tables and workers customizing a countertop
Elements Concrete embraces creativity to craft specialty pieces for the home. Joren Smith is the founder and president of Elements Concrete, an artisan concrete company that specializes in crafting concrete countertops and furniture, columns, cladding, and other architectural pieces. Smith’s design capabilities as a concrete artisan are showcased in the unique projects he and his team create and...
Concrete countertop by Elements Concrete Co.
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