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L'Atelier Paris

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Made-to-Measure Ranges, Appliances, and Luxury Kitchens Inspired by the Birthplace of Haute Cuisine The character of your kitchen is an expression of how you cook, how you entertain, and how you live. Let us help you create an extraordinary space that truly reflects who you are and the cook you might want to be. L’Atelier Paris Haute Design crafts the world’s finest custom ranges and kitchens, inspired by French culinary arts and integrating timeless traditions with the latest technology. Explore our collections below.

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Pink L'atelier stove in bright white kitchen
L’Atelier Paris launches a line of custom ranges in bright new hues, just in time for Spring. L’Atelier Paris Haute Design, the luxury bespoke creator of made-to-measure ranges and kitchens has unveiled its exclusive 2021 Color Collection. The line features 15 colorways inspired by hope and joy. Think of the delight you’d feel with a kitchen highlighted by these pale blues and greens, bold purple...
Luxury Range and Oven by L'Atelier Paris
Just as all home chefs are not created equal, neither are the ovens we use. And with Thanksgiving upon us, naturally, talk has turned to turkey (and stuffing, and potatoes, cranberries, etc.). To celebrate this cooking-centric holiday, we reached out to three kitchen experts to see what oven is tops in their minds and why. The following luxury-brand ovens are so precise and well designed that...