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Parker Construction Company, Inc.

320 Narragansett Park Drive
East Providence, RI 02914
(401) 427-8500
Company Profile: 

Parker Construction CompanyOver the past four decades Parker Construction has established itself as a premier construction firm in Rhode Island and southeastern New England. Parker Construction focuses on high end residential projects ranging from new construction and renovations to historic preservation & restoration. Our brand has been built on always producing the highest quality finished product, taking every detail into account and ensuring the craftsmanship and integrity of each of our projects. We truly believe that all projects deserve the same focus and attention regardless of size: Whether it is a small master bathroom or a 20,000 square foot new home, Parker Construction remain committed to bringing each design detail to life.

We at Parker certainly love a challenge which is why we have become known for taking on “fast-track” projects with aggressive schedules; indeed, projects that would normally take two to three years, Parker has completed in as few as twelve months. By constructing super-structures over these homes (sometimes referred to as “tents” or “igloos” by our clients) we are able to eliminate the variable of weather and work around the clock to meet your schedule. Inherent to our success is communication and coordination; indeed, the collaborative process is what we enjoy most, seizing on the opportunity to work closely with talented architects and designers and, of course, our extraordinary clients.

In many cases long after the project is finished Parker Construction remains connected to our clients and their homes. We offer a full range of property management and warranty maintenance through our Client Services Division. From changing light bulbs to shoveling, snow these dedicated technicians are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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