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McCormack Builders

Boston, MA
Company Profile: 

McCormack Builders offers nearly two decades of experience in the home building and remodeling industry in the Greater Boston area. As custom home builders, we take pride in delivering a product that reflects our high standards for craftsmanship and our dedication to the work that we do. Our approach is a personal one, involving the client in every phase of the project down to the smallest detail, and our list of repeat clientele reflects the trust we build with each project. We believe in protecting a homeowner's investment by building a beautiful structure with material choices, sustainability, and environmental concerns in mind that will allow each home to stand the test of the elements and the test of time. Owner Michael McCormack was trained as both a mechanical engineer and a carpenter, and was first introduced to working with his hands by his father, Ted, who was a renowned craftsman in Ireland operating one of the country's finest and most trusted coach building companies. He learned the value of quality, attention to detail, personal relationships, and the sense of what it means to build a product that will serve a client well. After working for a number of years as a mechanical engineer in Ireland, in 2003 Michael formed McCormack Builders which has since grown into one of Boston's premier home building and remodeling companies. McCormack Builders has been honored with national and regional industry awards over the years along with consistently high regard among town building inspectors and design professionals alike. Ultimately, we make it our mission to collaborate with the architects, designers, and trade professionals who share our aesthetic and environmental goals, enthusiasm, and work ethic for their respective disciplines. Working with McCormack Builders is an experience of honesty, integrity, craft, and partnership in building your home.

As Featured In...

Remodeled master bath with White marble and unlacquered brass fixtures
A contemporary bathroom that nods to the past. White marble and unlacquered brass fixtures accompany modern-day conveniences in this master bathroom built by McCormack Builders. The clients wanted to create a contemporary shower space for the master suite that appears older than it is. The original home was built in the 1700s and the bathroom was part of a larger renovation that embodies the old...
Nickel gap wood paneling lines a custom hallway by McCormack Builders
Coin shortage? What coin shortage? Homeowners everywhere are loving the look of nickel gap wood treatments. While this type of cladding looks similar to shiplap, it’s a little different in that it uses tongue and groove boards that conceal nails for a smoother overall look. The gap between each board is consistent and, you guessed it, about the width of a nickel.  Construction by Costello Fine...