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Happy Memorial Day! Small-Scale Celebrating

Simple ways to mark Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend will likely look a little different from those of the past. Main Street won’t be drawing crowds for parades, highways likely won’t be crawling with cars and harborside restaurants won’t be humming.

While those of us with beach or lake homes may be headed to open them for the season, others will be staying put. No one, however, can deny that Memorial Day weekend marks the official kick-off to summer, and we think that is certainly cause for some revelry. Here are a few ways to enjoy a small-scale celebration. 

Feast by the fire pit for Memorial Day

Top image: Amy Martin Landscape Design; left image: happy_larkright image: fire pit available at Seasons Four, The Outdoor Living Store

Gather 'round the fire pit and roast hot dogs with the family and toast marshmallows. Seasons Four in Lexington carries gorgeous copper cauldron-style fire pits if you're in need. They are open for business and have made white-glove deliveries for years, well before the current climate. Cap the evening by lighting sparklers if you have them. We like the 20-inch wedding sparklers at I Love Sparklers (no nuptials necessary), and find they make everything more festive!

Cooking outdoors for Memorial Day

Left: photo by zi3000L; Right: An outdoor pizza oven with a stone countertop, available at Plymouth Quarries.

Grilling is a Memorial Day mainstay, and the experts at Jarvis Appliance can't say enough about the caliber and quality of Lynx professional series grills they carry for serious keepers of the flame. You can visit Jarvis Appliance's store or shop online to have a grill delivered. Need to kick your culinary repertoire up a notch? Click here for some of Lynx's inventive recipes—we spied grilled brie cheese and even grilled donuts! Outdoor pizza ovens, like this woodburning marvel of masonry from Plymouth Quarries, are another great way to get cooking outdoors. Everyone in the family will be fired up for a slice with their favorite toppings. 

Remember those who served our country with a bike ride

Left: photo SDI Productions; right: photo Kontrec

Have the kids deck out their bikes by placing playing cards in the spokes (old-school style!), streamers on their handlebars and, of course, an American flag front and center, and take a ride around your neighborhood to form your own makeshift parade. Given that we have so many heroes in our midst, a moment of reflection for those who have protected our country may carry greater weight now for the younger generations.

Top image: Silver V

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