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Groom Construction Company

96 Swampscott Road
Salem, MA 01970
Company Profile: 

Groom Construction Company

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with clients seeking to build homes that would stand the test of time while reflecting their unique personalities and tastes. 

In every instance, we’ve taken the time to learn about their objectives, and to share with them the best available options, techniques and materials that would make their dream homes a reality. At Groom Construction we believe that a successful project is driven by our commitment to quality, price and service. Our love of building shows in our exceptional portfolio of completed homes and is embraced by the people at Groom who demonstrate openness, honesty and a dedication to excellence. 

Blog Posts

Seaside new england classic homes
There’s something about a home on the water that creates both a gravitational and generational pull. Seaside homes, when done well, take on an heirloom quality. They become a destination for family gatherings and, more often than not, the backdrop for memories made. Groom Construction created just such a home overlooking Marblehead Harbor. Working in concert with the architect and designers, the...
Polhemus Savery DaSilva
We’ve taken a shine to these glittering coastal gems.... Here in the Boston area we’re lucky to have our pick of beach options all within a short ride (Traffic? What traffic?). The rocky coasts of the North Shore, New Hampshire and Maine beckon from the north; Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket summon us southeast; Newport and Rhode Island call from the southwest; and Long Island and the...
The Lagassé Group
(The Lagassé Group) Sure, high-end custom builders are top-of-their-trade professionals, who are discerning about their materials and craft. But that’s not all they are…. 1) They’re troubleshooters. High-end builders like to get involved early on, in the pre-construction phase. Your builder can help you with site planning, engineering, permitting and can navigate the many details of site...