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The Narrow Lane

78 Fremont St
Needham, MA 02494
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The Narrow Lane Logo

At The Narrow Lane we’re driven by one guiding principle - to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

As a boutique firm you’ll experience something special working with us - a commitment to a lifelong relationship, care to understand you and your needs, and a team of talented designers, skilled craftsmen and horticulture experts dedicated to expertly executing a vision you’re excited about.

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Lynch Landscape, Elevated Terrain
With rolling meadow hillsides and natural grade changes, some of the most beautiful land plots come with the most difficult terrain. While an undulating landscape can pose its own set of challenges, it also offers an opportunity for multiple levels of stunning outdoor living space. These projects exemplify the magic that expert landscape architects can bring to a complex outdoor site. Lynch...
The Narrow Lane Company, Landscape Services, New England
Founded by Ron Goode in 2009, The Narrow Lane Company not only designs and creates beautiful outdoor spaces, but represents a community dedicated to fostering a better quality of life. Behind the scenes of the company’s portfolio of stunning landscapes is a diverse and passionate team that has made it all possible.  “We’ve all come from different areas of expertise,” says Goode, who started out...