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The Narrow Lane Company - A Year of Growth

The Narrow Lane Company, Landscape Services, New England

Founded by Ron Goode in 2009, The Narrow Lane Company not only designs and creates beautiful outdoor spaces, but represents a community dedicated to fostering a better quality of life. Behind the scenes of the company’s portfolio of stunning landscapes is a diverse and passionate team that has made it all possible. 

“We’ve all come from different areas of expertise,” says Goode, who started out in the finance world, and later initiated the company during his pursuit of an MBA at Boston College. What began as a landscape maintenance service evolved into something more as Goode collaborated with mentors and built a team of experts with diverse skill sets. His careful efforts to curate a team with complementary strengths has set the foundation for the company’s flourishing present and bright future.

Over the past year, Jeremy Puz, with a background in stone masonry, and Alison Williams, an artist and painter, have stepped into pivotal roles as landscape designers and project managers. “Jeremy brings an owner’s mentality and mindset, and an attention to detail that has carried us into a different tier of installation work,” Goode explains. “I was looking for a designer with an artist’s background, and Alison has been a tremendous asset to the team,” says Goode. Williams’ creative contributions have transformed traditional AutoCAD designs into personalized and detailed artistic representations of each client’s vision. The Drafting Team, managed by Fernando Batista, adds beautiful 3D renderings to complete the design package, allowing the client to fully visualize the potential of their property. 

The Narrow Lane Company, Landscape Services, New England

Puz and Williams were also brought on board to elevate the customer experience, ensuring that clients not only receive a beautifully crafted outdoor space but also a seamless and enjoyable process. “Customer experience is a huge part of where we’ve grown and put effort in this year, and is a catapult for where we want to go in the future,” Puz explains. 

Approachability is integral to their method, and cultivating genuine connections with clients and work crews is essential. “Building relationships is key whether a project is large or small,” says Williams. “Constant communication and adaptability are essential.”

With a shared vision to constantly improve, and a supportive work environment to back it up, the sky's the limit for the team at The Narrow Lane Company. “All of us are constantly striving to reach a higher level, and are critical of what we do and how we can improve it,” Williams shares. Working within timeframes and budgets is no small feat, but The Narrow Lane thrives on it, with each step of the process serving to deliver an enhanced experience for all involved. 

The heart of The Narrow Lane Company beats with a mission beyond just creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes. “Our mission is to not just create beautiful landscapes, but to create a culture that allows both the people that work here and the client to have a better quality of life,” Goode articulates, sharing that this mantra stems from the belief that lasting memories are made in outdoor spaces. As The Narrow Lane Company celebrates 15 years this March, the dedicated team is thrilled to continue carving out their niche, setting a standard for a holistic, people-centric approach to landscape design.

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