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Magma Design Group,Inc

10 Winthrop St
Rehoboth, MA 02769
Company Profile: 

Neil Best grew up in Tiverton,RI, a mecca of historic stone walls. As a child living there, he admits not giving the stone walls he was surrounded by a second thought.They were just stoic structures in the woods he used to play around,things to be climbed over,hidden behind, and deconstructured(as boys will do).But shomehow, through thst play and proximity, the quiet power of stone steeped into his blood.

Years later, he found himself studying Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at the University of MA, Amherst. While there, he became an avid mountain biker and outdoorsman – and those stones were starting to call to him again. But being practical minded (and broke), he joined an engineering firm after graduation, worked as a carpenter,  joined a landscape architect's office, and later earned his landscape architect license.

But, Neil is a builder. Sitting in a cubicle all day is just not an option for him. Plus, those stones kept calling him. So he left the comfort of a full-time job, put aside dreams to travel the world, and started his own design/build company with nothing more than a small, pick-up truck. 

It’s been over 16 years now, and on any given day you may find Neil in the office designing grading plans or on a job site with our crew, running the excavator, or prepping for construction. But most likely, you’ll find him doing his favorite thing – using stone to create timeless outdoor spaces.

As for Samantha Best, she had no idea she would end up owning a landscape design/build company. She grew up across the bay from Neil in Portsmouth, RI. Like Neil, she was also surrounded by historic stone walls and a coastal New England landscape. But Samantha took a different path, studying at the Rhode Island School of Design as a photography major. 



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