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BrickStone Landscape Construction

(617) 505-9883
Company Profile: 

BrickStone is a full-service residential landscape construction company, which focuses on high-end residential projects and boutique-style commercial spaces. The company is a family owned team consisting of masons, landscape designers, hardscape specialists, natural stone experts and gardeners. Brickstone focuses on meaningful, authentic designs matched with superior craftsmanship for a timeless outdoor space suited to your personal style. Communication is key in every relationship—clients work directly with one of the owners from start to finish and always respect your time. Filled with artistic inspiration and expertise in stone masonry, BrickStone invests energy in developing a timeless, stunning project to add to your surroundings.  

BrickStone's mission is to approach each project with a holistic vision, and to create spaces that are a true reflection of the clients who inhabit them. They have developed a traditional, New England approach to design that is ever evolving and always inspired.

Visit BrickStone for more information.


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