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Thos. Moser

19 Arlington St
Boston, MA 02116
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Founded in 1972, Thos. Moser’s mission is to design and make handmade furniture of the highest quality in both materials and woodworking expertise. Each Thos. Moser piece celebrates the natural beauty of wood, is of simple design and is guaranteed to last for a lifetime of use. Thos. Moser operates four retail showrooms located in Freeport, Maine, Boston, Washington, DC and San Francisco. 


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Living room
The authentic, minimal nature of the wood is what makes Thos. Moser’s handmade furniture so alluring. For nearly 50 years, Thos. Moser been driven by its mission to create furniture out of solid wood that is simple in form and driven by function where each piece is an embodiment of its intended use—nothing more, nothing less. Each solid wood design is made from sustainably harvested North...