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Sea-Dar Construction, Cape & Islands

8 Jan Sebastian Dr
Sandwich MA 02563
508 419 7372,
580 Harrison Ave 4W
Boston MA 02118
617 423 0870,
150 West 30th St Suite 1300
New York NY 10001
212 561 3374,
Company Profile: 

For almost 30 years, Sea-Dar Construction has built a portfolio of projects and clients that speaks to our true commitment to quality in all aspects of building construction—exacting quality standards, project management excellence, client satisfaction, project safety, and environmental responsibility.  

From our Cape Cod office, our seasoned staff of builders and carpenters dedicated to coastal construction have established a reputation for excellence in the construction and renovation of coastal homes.  We thrive on projects that have architecturally challenging designs and are extremely good at technically rigorous work.  We excel at meeting challenging schedules and maintaining strict adherence to budgets.

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations.

We never forget that our primary building materials are always human and the relationships we establish are the foundations of our success. From the owner to the architect, from raw building materials to the finished project, it is the dreams and desires of our collaborators that energize us. Attention to detail, responsiveness, respect and collaboration, team work and great management skills are all hallmarks of a Sea-Dar construction project.

We place an enormous value on honor and reputation, and we are proud to have developed and maintained a name as a firm that our customers can rely on. Ours is a history of promises made and kept, of building trust, of the power of collaborative energy, and of ensuring success through experience, management, and full engagement.

Give us call. We’d love to work with you.



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