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RiverStone Custom Builders

Wellesley, MA
Company Profile: 

High end professionals in New England
Peter Holland, Principal

We are a team of experienced builders and project managers who have a passion for building custom homes. We build every home with the same care and attention to detail and budget as if it were for our own family.

Our goal is to make a house a home by creating something that truly feels special. We have never built the same house twice and each house is treated as art you can live in. On execution, we look at challenging site conditions and intense architectural details as welcomed opportunities to make magic happen.

We build custom homes every day and we know most of our clients will only have this opportunity once in their lifetime. We want you to rave about how the Riverstone team contributed on as many levels as needed to get it done and become another Riverstone Superfan.

If you want your custom home built by a team that wakes up every day excited to make sure the details of your project are done right please contact us to discuss your project!

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