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James Phillip Golden

74 Summit St
Central Falls, RI 02863
Company Profile: 

I make people’s dream homes a reality. There is nothing more satisfying to me then improving the quality of life for my clients and giving them a house that they are able to make into their homes.

I have been a licensed architect since 2015 and am currently registered in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Maine and Massachusetts. With my NCARB certificate I am able, if necessary, to obtain reciprocal licensure throughout the country in a short time period.

I am inspired by our local built environment, humble materials, classical building forms and traditional building details. I have a strong interest in the reinterpretation of classical building forms, blended with contemporary open floor plans.

I have a stronger interest in helping to guide my clients to ways of improving the quality of their lives through adapting the built environment to meet their needs.