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Bust a Move! Antiquities are Back

Busts in interior design

Athena. Poseidon. Aphrodite. We wouldn’t dare say that the antiquities are trending right now, but we can say with certainty that we've seen a reemergence of classical busts in home décor. After all, why should museums have all the fun? Traditional, transitional and eclectic interior designs can all benefit from a little Greco-Roman flair. When done well, busts as home accents are beautiful, powerful, sculptural and serene all in one. Take a look at these inspired, and, you might say, headstrong interior design applications….  

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Use of busts in interior design

Aurora Sculpture in a faux stone finish. Part of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' fall collection.

Elizabeth Home Decor & Design

Busts in interior design

Wayland Home & Design

Busts as home decor

Designer: Jody Trail

Boehm Graham Interior Design

Classical busts in interior design

SLC Interiors, Inc.

Classical busts in interior design

Main image: Boehm Graham Interior Design

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