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The Right Mix: A Front Walk Makeover

Front walk makeover

A home in Cohasset took on a completely different look when the front walk and landscaping was addressed. Plymouth Quarries gave this home the elements for a humble-no-more front yard and stone path that invite homeowners and guests to “walk this way.”

Front walk makeover "before"

Derek Stearns, Plymouth Quarries’ Manager of Marketing & Sales, shares that much of the success of this home’s approach is due to its inspired mix of stone. Solid steps of Antique Granite lead the way to the front door, with platforms weaving in City Brick pavers. The brick detail brings splashes of color against the granite, adds texture and interest, and ties in the walk to the painted red door at its culmination.

Cobblestone Borders form the planting walls of the tiered garden beds for a sculpted but natural look amid the greenery, while strategically placed Landscape Boulders ground the terrain as a whole and lend a feeling of maturity to the inspired new design.


I have always loved granite and brick mixed together. I cannot wait to see how the plantings look when they are full.

Gorgeous re-design! The combination of brick and granite is quintessential New England and just looks so solid and stable. Perfect for the slope of that front yard. The plants will only make it look more elegant.

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