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The Value of Restoration


There is something to be said for preserving the past for future generations. Many homeowners are discovering a renewed appreciation for timeless older furnishings and decor, encouraging a shift back to the value found in the exceptional craftsmanship of the past.

Since 1921, Trefler’s has been the go-to resource in the world of restoration, with a highly-skilled and passionate team that can really do it all. Embracing a hands-on approach, nearly everything at Trefler’s is done by hand, emphasizing the importance of individual attention, detail, and care. From sentimental heirlooms to intriguing antique finds, the variety of treasures that Trefler’s can expertly revive, refinish, and repurpose is vast.

Trefler's, Vase Repair(This large antique olive jar was repaired and restored by Trefler’s. Reassembling the 11 broken pieces required the jar to be filled and sanded along the breaks, and color matched as closely to the original as possible.)

Though it might be tempting to buy new, restoring older furniture and decor is an eco-friendly alternative. Opting for restoration over buying new can reduce waste and conserve resources. Repurposing existing items minimizes the demand for new materials and reduces the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, transportation, and disposal.

Trefler's, Desk Restoration

Trefler's, Desk Restoration(Before and after: A gorgeous desk once hazy, water damaged, and ridden with crazing is restored, with its original finish cleaned and conserved.)

Trefler’s restoration repertoire covers furniture, decorative arts, books, metal, paintings, frames, works on paper, upholstery, chandeliers, and more. Their processes blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to breathe new life into cherished possessions. “We recognize that each piece entrusted to us is an investment for the client, and we do not take that lightly,” says Laura Sheehan, Vice President and 23-year veteran of Trefler’s. “We are committed to delivering a high-end product that respects the history and integrity of the original.”

Trefler's, Custom Display Case(Trefler’s can create custom display options for cherished objects, in a variety of color and finish options. Here, custom wooden bases and plexi-glass enclosures were created to display and protect the objects.)

Choosing to restore also provides a unique opportunity for customization and personalization. Whether it be refinishing, repainting, or reupholstering, Trefler’s process includes working with clients to tailor the piece to their personal styles and preferences. “From our small team of 12 staff dedicated to their craft, our goal is to align with the client's vision while offering insight on optimal treatments and custom projects,” Sheehan explains.

Trefler's, Painting RestorationTrefler's, Painting RestorationTrefler's, Painting Restoration(Before, during, and after: Painting restoration is another service offered by Trefler’s, in addition to custom framing services. Here is a peek into the process of a painting being cleaned.)

Beyond traditional furniture restoration, their expertise includes reassembling furniture, reattaching parts, fabricating missing elements, and tackling cosmetic issues such as stripping, refinishing, and addressing water damage. Customers have the option to bring their projects directly to Trefler’s for estimates, or a Trefler’s expert can go to them on site. Trefler’s also provides assistance for claims; for example, if a piece is exposed to fire, soot, water, or mold they can also help to restore it. 

“We like the challenge of turning something that may have seen better days or is no longer functional, and transform it into something amazing,” Sheehan shares. “It’s rewarding.”

trefler's, table transformation

(Before and after: Designed to better fit a breakfast nook, this 4-legged table was transformed into a pedestal table. The newly designed base was color matched to blend seamlessly with the original piece.)

Through a blend of traditional craftsmanship, adaptability, and a deep appreciation for history, the services at Trefler’s serve as a promising alternative to the over-consumption of mass-produced furnishings and decor. By placing a premium on conserving and reviving the prized and precious items that define our past, homeowners can blaze a new trail in shaping a future full of character and quality. 

To learn more, visit or call 617-965-3388.  They are always happy to provide a tour of their studio.


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