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A Retreat Within a Retreat

Mattapoiset Tea House, front exterior.

What’s the one thing you need for your waterside retreat? A separate tea house where you can escape and relax. With peaceful views, open space and a fireplace, this ladies getaway is the spectacular opposite of a man cave.

Mattapoiset Tea House, front view of interior.The Texas clients, a family with grandchildren to entertain, envisioned a haven to enjoy during the summers. They nestled into their Mattapoisett vacation home in the summer of 2020, but still felt it needed something. They opted out of getting a pool for the property, and instead added a separate tea house in the gardens, one with a breathtaking view of the water and the whole town.

Mattapoiset Tea House, side view exterior of gardens and water.
More than just an addition to the landscape, this compact retreat is a replica, one that the homeowners and architects had seen before.

“On the original property, which was part of a larger parcel, the land next door had a tea house and at one point, it [the property] was subdivided,” said Tim Costello, founder of Costello Fine Homes. “When divided, the tea house moved to the property next door and the house that's there now was built.”

So, the architects, builders, engineers, and the interior designer, who is also the homeowner, got to work rebuilding the old tea house from scratch.

“It was really based on the original one, even the shiplap inside was the same paneling the original had,” Costello said. 

The tea house is a fully open concept with a cathedral-style ceiling. Replacing the standard door is a mechanical shutter and screen that hide in the metal work and drop down, all from the use of a remote control.

Mattapoiset Tea House, interior.
“When they aren’t using it or if they are going back home to Texas, they just drop the shutters down and it’s all closed up,” Costello said. “When they sit out there at night and it’s buggy, they can drop the screen down and still enjoy the view.”

With its cottage core appearance, and whimsical furnishings that match its New England landscape, this breathtaking getaway sits right in the gardens. The homeowners love to sit out there at night and embrace the peaceful harbor.

Mattapoiset Tea House, exterior with woman sitting.
Saltonstall Achitects 
Marvin Design Center 
Shade and Shutter
Edk Architectural


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