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KitchenVisions Enters Second Decade in Business

KitchenVisions, Michael Lefebvre

(Belmont Kitchen, Photographer: Michael Lefebvre, Builder: Jensen Hus Design Build)

As they enter their second decade in business, the team at KitchenVisions continues to focus on providing an exceptional client experience for home design and renovation projects. They appreciate the trust their clients place in them to elevate their most personal spaces. KitchenVisions has had the privilege to Define, Design, and Deliver unique kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, living and dining spaces for the past 11 years.

KitchenVisions, Michael Lefebvre, Marble Bathroom(2022 Gold PRISM Award, Builder: Asher Nichols & Craftsmen, Photographer: Michael Lefebvre)

Understanding how their clients use their spaces, and listening carefully to all the ways in which they don’t serve them well, presents a puzzle to solve with every project. None are alike – that’s the essence of the custom design work they do in collaboration with builders, remodelers, vendors and subcontractors.

“The utter joy of improving flow, transforming spaces, and seeing the impact that has on a family can’t be underestimated,” says KitchenVisions Founder and Lead Designer Jodi Swartz. “It has kept me dedicated to embracing the planning and design process for more than 20 years.”

KitchenVisions, Andrew Stone, Jodi Swartz(Left: Homeowner and Contractor, Andrew Stone. Right: Founder & Principal Designer at KitchenVisions, Jodi Swartz)

Another challenge for KitchenVisions has been keeping up – and often leading – the changes in the design industry. As technology and products have rapidly evolved, they’ve kept abreast of new developments and embraced new technologies, whether it’s design and communication software, building code changes, appliance upgrades or color theories. While Covid presented a new set of obstacles, KitchenVisions found ways to meet the demand and provide the transformation of spaces that their clients craved.

KitchenVisions, Michael Lefebvre, Condominium Kitchen, Hudson(Condominium in Hudson, Photographer: Michael Lefebvre)

Looking back over the past decade, they’re extraordinarily proud of all that’s been accomplished. “We are deeply grateful to our clients and industry partners, and I am especially appreciative of the ways my team has risen to the occasion time after time,” says Swartz. “We’re looking forward to another decade of creating unique, detailed, award-winning design and renovation projects.”

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