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Effortless Entertaining with RootCellar Concepts

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, kitchen design

(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

In a busy, bustling vacation home kitchen, ample space and effortless efficiency are key to making gatherings fun for everyone—including the hosts! When Jenny and Kip Adams, homeowners of this Stowe, VT ski house, considered how they could configure their kitchen to support their love of cooking and entertaining, installing a RootCellar was the perfect solution.

The well-appointed walk-in refrigerated pantry and freezer boasts an array of practical benefits, including flexible storage solutions, a wholly visible food supply, video-monitored stock levels, the capacity to handle large platters & bulk items all in one place and more. While captivated by the functionality for hosting family and friends, they really appreciated its aesthetic appeal.

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, kitchen design(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

“It was really nice to be able to customize our RootCellar to the overall look and feel that we were going for in the house,” says Jenny. “Because it is a ski home, we wanted warm colors and a rustic Vermont feel.”

What makes it so easy to integrate the RootCellar into the design is its patented, hands-free pocket door built to match existing cabinetry or complement other kitchen design elements, making it a designer’s dream. In this space, the RootCellar door exterior features the same warm wood panels of the cabinetry and trim crafted from the rough-cut wood seen throughout the entire home.

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, kitchen design(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

Without large, stainless steel refrigeration appliances interrupting the flow, there is a sense of serenity that reflects the surrounding nature.  “I love the fact that the RootCellar blends right in,” Jenny shares. “It makes everything feel a bit roomier.”

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, kitchen design(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

While no two RootCellar doors are the same, even more possibilities abound with the interior design. From ceilings and flooring, to shelving and hardware, every aspect of the inside of the RootCellar is customizable. Large black limestone tile paired with a dark grout creates a monochromatic look, complementing the home’s abundance of natural stone. The sleek look is carried throughout the ceiling and freezer space, and features easy-to-clean floating glass shelving.

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

“I can quickly and easily see everything we have. It's not hidden or buried in the back as things typically are in our fridge at home,” says Jenny. “It makes grocery shopping more efficient because I know exactly what I need to buy and I don’t use up my vacation time with multiple trips to the grocery store.” By installing a webcam, supplies can be monitored remotely, making it easier to shop for a weekend away or gear up for visits from extended family and friends.

“The RootCellar has been a game changer for entertaining,” says Jenny. With a large family, cooking and entertaining is a big part of their vacation home experience. From Thanksgiving feasts to Christmas soirées and Easter brunches, they have welcomed over 30 guests into her home, and the RootCellar has proven indispensable during these occasions.

rootcellar concepts, Stowe VT, refrigerated pantry, remote stock level monitoring(Photography: Sean Litchfield)

“One of the biggest benefits I've noticed is that I can prep everything ahead of time and have the room to store it." With the RootCellar providing ample space for storing pre-made dishes ready to pop in the oven, they can savor more quality time with their guests, who are provided with an easy, welcoming place to unpack and store their contributions to each gathering. "You just have a space for everything," Jenny explains, "and that really frees up the amount of time I can spend with my family because I have the room and the space to do it ahead of time."

The RootCellar is more than just a functional addition; it's a conversation starter. When they open the automatic pocket door with the sensor button, guests marvel at its ingenuity, intrigued to explore its elegant (and highly organized!) interior. "The RootCellar is definitely a ‘wow feature’," Jenny affirms, echoing the sentiments of all who discover this next-level luxury kitchen essential.

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(Additional project credits - Tile: Brian Eskew, Electric: Avery Gaudette, Plumber: Tim King, Lead Carpenter: Jay Touchette)

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