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Make a Statement with Your Home’s Entry Way!

The entry way to your home makes a statement about you and your personal style.  As the first and last room your guests see, it leaves an enduring impression.  Even if it's a smaller room, don't overlook its importance in your home.  Make the most of it.

Take Advantage of Under Stairs Space
Some foyers have space under the stairs begging to be transformed into a cozy reading area simply with a chair and floor lamp.  Or, you can put a small desk and chair to fit the area.  Either way, this is prime real estate to leverage.

Attractive, Functional Storage
Install an appealing coat rack with hooks and a pretty storage bench.  Add a sturdy, yet attractive rug, and you have an instant mud room.  The term “mud roomâ€? need not be a dirty word (no pun intended!).  To keep the room tidy, hide a small vacuum or mop to clean up that mud.

Small Hall?  No Problem
If your foyer is too small to make the space functional, you can never go wrong with simplicity.  A beautiful hall table with a vase centered on top can look quite elegant.  Add an attractive mirror, and the space will appear slightly larger.

Depending on your space as well as your needs, you can make the foyer completely about aesthetics or you can opt for more of a functional room.  These are just a few ideas.  The options are limitless.

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