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Structural Wood Systems, Inc.

241 Lake Street
Bellingham, MA 02019
(800) 344-8117
Company Profile: 

Structural Wood Systems is a specialty lumberyard that provides the structural design as well as the structural components (floor trusses, roof trusses and steel beams) direct to the homebuilder. 

Owner Jeff Gray says, “The primary reason homebuilders use our service is simple: our designs are done right. They are more thorough and accurate than anything else in the marketplace. Each design includes a roof, attic, second floor and first floor framing plan as well as a footing plan analysis to ensure the structure is supported properly.”  Plumbing fixtures, recessed lighting and HVAC conflicts are addressed during the design process rather than after the frame has been erected.  “We look at each project as if we were building it ourselves.” 

Upon completion of the structural design, Structural Wood Systems provides a pre-cut, pre-labeled system that eliminates waste, reduces assembly time and lowers the overall cost of the frame – all at a price that is guaranteed. “There is no guesswork, everything is worked out in advance, allowing the framer to simply follow the plan.”