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LDa Architecture & Interiors

222 Third Street, Suite 3212
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 621-1455
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LDa Architecture & Interiors

LDa’s award winning projects have provided our clients with inspired custom residential design rich in meaning, craftsmanship and instilled with lasting value. 

Rather than embracing one architectural style, we draw our inspiration from New England’s rich architectural history while balancing the needs of modern lifestyles, resulting in solutions that are as fresh as they are timeless.

LDa handles a wide spectrum of projects from small additions and renovations to new residences as well as full service interior design, creating homes that are a well-considered unification of the landscape, architecture, furnishings, and décor. Each project is the result of deep collaboration with the homeowner, design team, and builder - engaging clients in an open, shared process that seeks to inspire and educate them in a range of options and choices. Embarking on a design and construction project is a rich and complex experience, and the strength of our practice lies in our ability to listen to our clients and to help guide them in the pursuit of designing and building their home.

Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are core values at LDa, and our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability has resulted in 13 LEED certified projects. We are continually expanding our commitment to sustainable design practices, helping to steer our clients’ dreams into truly enduring solutions through the thoughtful application of well-researched strategies. Our sustainable design program is multifaceted, from partnerships with green organizations, material and technology research, to staff accreditation, outreach and teaching.

Through passion, experience, and an insightful understanding of architectural and interior design concepts, LDa offers ideas for dwelling that are inspirational, sophisticated and harmoniously aligned with the lifestyles of our clients.

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