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Jim Anderson Stained Glass

548 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 357-5166
Company Profile: 

The East Coast’s preeminent stained glass artist, Jim Anderson creates designs that are a virtuosic mix of art and architecture. His studio’s stained glass, etched glass and engraved glass are one of a kind, and grace the grandest homes in Boston and New York, and overseas as well. With a deep respect for the time-honored tradition of stained glass making, Jim Anderson has carefully honed his craft for 35 years. Known for its exacting pieces, Jim Anderson Stained Glass has been featured on “The Old House,” “Restore America” and the History Channel, and cited as number one in New England for stained and engraved glass restoration by Yankee Magazine.

Jim Anderson Stained Glass is the go-to studio for designers and decorators seeking unusual details for doors, windows, skylights, sidelights, transoms, room dividers and decorative elements. Clients are guided through the design process and given suggestions for colors and pattern that make this “lit up artwork” truly shine in its new environment, casting brilliant color and light in homes to the enjoyment of residents and passersby alike.

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