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Cutting Edge Systems

364 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886
(978) 392-1392
Company Profile: 

When people think of home integration systems, their thoughts typically go to audio/video entertainment systems and electronic control of everything at the touch of a button. Families are now becoming more considerate of the environmental impact of their carbon footprint and the rising costs of energy and they are often frustrated that there is no way to gage their energy consumption between monthly bills. Cutting Edge Systems can help.

“The projects we are working on today maximize energy conservation by monitoring real-time electricity, water and fuel usage,” reports Evan Struhl, president of Cutting Edge. “Our clients can balance their personal level of comfort with their carbon footprint for lighting, heating, cooling, shade control and entertainment media. With a focus on usability and reliability, the technology becomes invisible.”

At Cutting Edge, the entire process of installation centers on collaboration to provide the best possible experience for families as well as design and build teams. Superior customer support and a staff of expert, certified programmers pull together all the small refinements that make their systems easy and fun to use.

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