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Bereznicki Architects

9 Wendell Street, Cambridge 02138
82 Bay Street
Osterville, MA 02655
(617) 354-5188
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Bereznicki Architects

It’s really about poetry. A house needs to nourish your soul to be really wonderful.

Where do I start when contemplating a client, a site and a program?  I look for the beginning of the narrative that transcends the ordinary. What is there about this piece of land or this existing structure, be it spectacular or ever so plain, that one can use as a starting point – as the spark that gets amplified and refined until it becomes a strong light capable of suggesting a yet unexpressed reality? What is there about the programmatic requirements that can be re-ordered, reinvented in a way that transcends the mundane? And, most importantly, how can all this be designed in a way that holds up a mirror to the particular family that will be living in this space? How does it become uniquely their own – not a stage set built for show, but truly a home that supports who they are?

I spent the first seven years of my life in Europe, surrounded by the product of many generations of intense architectural thought. This early exposure to undiluted authenticity has had a lasting effect on my design instinct. I strive to look beyond the surface, to find the existential kernel within each design. I approach each project with a humility that is open to the undefined intentions of the client and a willingness to reflect their un-worded essence. 

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