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Anderson Fireplace

720 Brockton Avenue
Abington, MA 02351
(800) 472-1717
Company Profile: 

Whether you are looking for a traditional look, Victorian or country style, contemporary, or anything in between, Anderson Fireplace has the fireplace that is perfect for your home’s decor and size. From design to installation, they are ready to help you with your new fireplace. Anderson also sells marble, granite, and other stone surrounds, and a wide variety of mantels – a huge selection to complement any decor.

With heating costs on the rise, we have all become concerned with finding ways to keep our homes cozy and warm while keeping heating bills down. Today’s gas fireplaces are the answer. Here are just a few of the benefits:

• Zone heating: Gas fireplaces allow you to keep the area of your home where your family spends the most time as warm as you like, while you turn your central heating system down. Why pay to heat your whole house to 70°?

• No power... no worry: Your gas fireplace requires no electricity or light to operate. So you can wait out any storm in warmth and comfort.

• Lots of choices: Styles vary from simple to ornate, with a variety of log styles and decorative trim to choose from to get the exact look you want.

• Safety: Heat resistant glass and safety controls mean safety for your family and pets.

• "Zero clearance" is needed around gas fireplaces, so you can safely use all the warm space in your room, and not worry about expensive masonry and chimneys.

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