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Louis W. Mian, Inc.

547 Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129
(617) 241-7900
Company Profile: 

Louis W. Mian, Inc.

New England's premier source for natural stone, Louis W. Mian, Inc. has been at the top of the industry since 1948. Louis W. Mian, Inc. is the product of four generations of stone knowledge and experience. In 1905, Angelo Mian traveled from Italy to Boston at the age of 26. Highly skilled and trained in the art of marble mosaic, he quickly became known throughout New England for his beautiful work on the marble floors of the Massachusetts State House in Boston. 

Louis W. Mian is Angelo's son, and he has followed in his talented father's footsteps by becoming a mosaic artisan in his own right. in 1927, Louis began studying at the School of Mosaics in Spilimbergo, Italy, where he learned and perfected his skills for three years. When he arrived in Boston in 1931, he became the second generation of the Mian Family to maintain and design the gorgeous mosaic floors of the State House. 

In 1946, Louis Mian returned from a four-year stint in the Navy, and began his dream of owning and running his very own company. By 1963, the company had become incorporated, and later won an unprecedented ten consecutive national awards for excellence in the field of Terrazzo and Mosaic.

As the company grew, Louis' son Louis W. Mian Jr. (Bill) began working for his father. After earning a B.S. in Business Administration, Bill began working full time. Noticing that the demand for marble and granite as a functional and decorative building material was growing very quickly in New England, Bill decided to redirect the goals of the entire company.

The new emphasis of Louis W. Mian, Inc. was to move away from mosaics to concentrate uniquely on marble and granite. Bill re-structured the company by adding importation and distribution to the already well-established installation and fabrication facets of the company. The company provides homeowners, builders, architects, developers, and designers with the finest and most exclusive granite, marble, limestone, and slate in the world.

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